We hired Mr.Evan George for my sisters Asylum case. He was an amazing lawyer to work with. He has an excellent ability to work on a case. He was very focused, professional, formal,polite,well managed, and very friendly lawyer I've ever met. I highly recommend him to any one.
Awesome Lawyer
Sabina S.
Mr. Evan George is an absolutely exceptional terrific lawyer. It was a pleasure to work with him. Mr. George is very compassionate, hard working and realizes how important each case is to his client and his staffs are very warm and professional too. I would very highly recommend Mr. Evan George to anyone who may need personalized legal services.
Exceptional terrific lawyer!
We hired Attorney Evan George to help us obtain permanent residency status for one of us. We are a same sex married couple of an American Citizen and the Latin immigrant which represented a special situation. We researched other possibilities on the web before deciding on Evan. We are convinced we made the right decision. Evan George’s office is very accessible and his secretary is cordial and always welcoming. She also speaks Spanish. George practices in a small office probably with another lawyer. That personal, cozy touch was important to us, so we did not feel “lost in the pile.” From the beginning Evan was very understanding of our case and explained the process we needed to follow carefully and clearly. He guided us until the end of the process that ended with obtaining the green card we were seeking. Evan George seems very knowledgeable of the Jacksonville immigration office and Staff. That helped us to feel more at ease. This is the office where Gainesville immigration cases are decided. No tenemos niguna duda de que el abogado Evan George hara lo posible para ayudarlos en su proceso the obetener la green card.
Personal and professional. Muy contentos con su trabajo
Happy Client
My Kenyan husband and I followed the tedious, time-consuming immigration process step-by-step for one year. Once we he had his interview with the consulate offices at the embassy in Nairobi, Kenya the issuance of his visa was further delayed by a request of “more” documentation to substantiate a bona-fide marriage due to our age difference. At this time, we employed Evan George as our attorney and within one month my husband was in the USA. Evan’s credentials and expertise were “key” to our immigration case resulting in a positive outcome.
Key credentials & expertise for positive immigration results
Happy Client
I really can't say enough about Evan George and his team! The biggest thank you for being very professional, personal, helpful, and efficient! I was in a situation that I was racing against the clock and really my case could have gone in my favor or not! Evan was always on top of everything and really cared about helping. Always upfront with what I should expect from him and the immigration process and always had a plan B for every situation. As we all know the process is very long and drawn out, it had been almost 8 months of waiting to hear from immigration and the moment I did, Evan was right there to help. Throughout the entire process he was extremely punctual, and when he isn't with a client he calls back same day when he has a spare minute. His advice, knowledge and impeccable preparation was beyond what I had expected. I went to Evan as a last resort as I had tried every option on my own, and it surely was worth it. He came highly recommended to me by a friend. A high recommendation comes with a high price, being on a tight budget, I did my research and he is very affordable compared to other lawyers I had looked into. All in all, you can't put a value on what he was able to really give me in my situation! The weight lifted off my shoulders is priceless! Thank you is quite an understatement!!!!
So grateful for his incredible skills and caring heart!
A colleague recommended Evan and I talked to him and another lawyer in the area before I finally decided to work with him. Evan caused a great first impression on me because he was very helpful and patient in his explanations during our first meeting. He patiently explained what I needed to bring, and what to expect in every step of my green card application process. I continued working with him for other processes as well as for my citizenship application. He was always punctual and responsive even when I moved out and we worked on my case long distance. We communicated by email effectively and my case was dealt with professionally. In two occasions, the immigration officers that interviewed me praised the work on my lawyer. I am very thankful to Evan and recommend him with no hesitation to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer.
Excellent immigration lawyer
Happy Client
In 2012, I was looking for a lawyer to assist with an adjustment of status case. I called another attorney in Gainesville. The receptionist took my information over the phone and set up an appointment. An hour before I was supposed to meet with them, they canceled without an explanation. After some more research, I found Evan George’s office. I called and he personally answered the phone. We spent some time discussing the case. I did not feel rushed or get the feeling that he was trying to get me off the line quickly. He took his time trying to understand the case and we set up a meeting in which, he explained the entire process, what to expect, and which forms would need to be filed. I called him before the interview and he took the time to walk me through questions that I would mostly likely be asked. Evan is well-versed in all types of immigration cases. He has helped me with several other filings, including removal of conditions, citizenship, and filing a DACA case for a family member. He takes his time to research and fully understand each unique case before presenting possible solutions. He does not try to persuade you to make a spur of the moment decisions. Evan and his staff are professional, welcoming, and courteous. They can always be reached by phone or email. Most of my correspondence with them occurred through email. I never had to wait more than a day for a response; most of the time, I received a response within an hour. Evan George is a very knowledgeable, professional, and considerate lawyer. I have enjoyed working with him through all my filings. I would recommend him to anyone in need of immigration assistance.
Excellent Immigration Lawyer
Evan George is an absolutely terrific lawyer. It was a pleasure to work with him, knowing that he genuinely cared about my well-being. For quite some time, I was anxious and nervous to enter the courtroom. However, each meeting I had with Evan was extremely productive: his explanations of all the immigration, courtroom, etc. logistics were clear and simple. Outside of his office, he was readily available via phone or email to answer any questions I had. Not once did I ever feel like my case was not a priority of Evan’s. Effectively, I felt confident and comfortable being in the courtroom regarding the legitimacy of my green card. I won my case, consequently. To anyone whose court case is within the subject matter of Evan George’s practice, I recommend them without any hesitation whatsoever to make use of his services.
Phenomenal Lawyer
Evan helped me and my same sex partner with immigration from the Philippines. The thought of dealing with their government was enough of a fright to us! DOMA and just been changed.....everyone was confused...what can you do ? What can't you do? Loads of misinformation and rumors everywhere! Then, I lived in a state with non-same sex marriage! What happens with that? Luckily , we found Evan who took time to explain things, make sure we were doing the correct paperwork and keeping us informed of what would happen next. Matt just got his letter changing him to permanent status, is getting ready to begin teaching high school and us? Starting our future together ...NOT ON DIFFRENT SIDES OF THE EARTH!!! He was always there ...with the right answers...Even on the weekend!! Great lawyer ,,,,Great job...Great to work with ... Thanks a million we will be calling you again soon..
Great lawyer!!
Evan did an amazing job with my case. I had no options left besides the u visa and, he made it work in less than a year, I had my U visa in hand. I love this guy cant say enough good thing about him.
U- Visa
Mr. George helped me with my Immigration/Asylum case by helping me getting solid information to write my story. He assisted me during the interview. The meetings were very instructive and he was supportive as well as truthful to me. I had homework for most of the meetings in order to stay on task and ready before I got called by the USCIS. The process was fairly quick. I do recommend him. He is a smart, hardworking, truthful, discipline lawyer. He is excellent in what he does.
Excellent work
Happy Client
My wife and I owe a lot to Evan for helping us out with my immigration from the UK. We weren't really sure of our options but Evan clearly knew what our options would be and explained the best way for us to proceed. He was always available for us by phone or email if we had any questions and made the whole procedure that much easier for us. I'm of little doubt as to how much more difficult the whole thing would have been without his help and expertise.
Really helped us, would highly recommend.
I hired Evan for my asylum case in 2012. Before meeting with Evan, I went to another attorney in Gainesville who blatantly said it would be a losing battle and asked me to simply go back to my home country. A colleague of mine recommended Evan. After first consultation, I decided to hire Evan for my asylum case. He was very positive regarding the potential outcomes. He helped me gather all documents needed for the case. Evan kept me informed and prepared me for the interview. He genuinely had a vested interest in my case. I was pleased that he helped me with my case. Long story short, the case was approved within four months. I knew that an asylum case can take years to process. Mine was only four months. A year after that, I hired Evan again to process my green card and a refugee travel document. Again he showed professionalism and caring. I received my GC and the travel document within three months. I am so happy with Even's work, and I would never go to other attorneys for immigration cases. Evan has gained my respect and would highly recommend him for immigration cases.
Best in town
To mr. George and his staff, you are not just a number. They are resourceful and honest. I never had to worry about getting the wrong info. Immigration matters are serious and could have detrimental consequences if not handled properly... That is why you should hire an attorney who is knowledgeable and meticulous about details. That is why I would recommend Evan George. He and his staff provide you great service with a smile. You never feel like you are a nuisance. He is patient and thorough.
Professional and caring!
“I very highly recommend Mr. Evan, who just won my case. I had a difficult case (a waiver for removal of conditions) and I talked to several lawyers before meeting Mr. Evan. I so happy that I chose Mr. Evan for my case. The other lawyers were confusing and their main goal was to get me to sign a contract and pay them money first. When I went to Mr. Evan, I felt he cares about people as humans not as papers or numbers, I found him humble person, even though I know he is very successful and has accomplished a lot. I trusted Mr. Evan easily and told him about my case. He was realistic and simplified my case and said (your case is difficult but not impossible), and gave me a solution and a plan, and added (think about it and let me know what is your decision). The other attorneys pressured me to sign up, Mr. Evan said to take my time and think over an important decision. When I hired Mr. Evan, he gave me an organized plan, and the papers that I have to submit, and set up a monthly payment plan according to my ability and I worked hard for it to get what he asked for, that's what I advice ( you have to work with the lawyer so the lawyer can help you out ) " help yourself to be helped". Without your right papers your lawyer won't be able to help you.! In less than six months, my case was approved smoothly without more evidence and papers, even without an interview, couple days later I got my permanent residency. Mr. Evan is easy to work with and he responded quickly to all my emails and questions. So I highly recommend Mr. Evan, because he will be honest with you and work hard on your case, wherever you are in the United States.
I recommend Mr Evan
Happy Client
Evan is an exceptional lawyer, he took my long lasted case pro bono, yet his commitment and enthusiasm was more than any lawyer who takes cases for fees. He was treating his clients as family members, he spent so much time and effort in preparing my case and representing me in immigration courts, just like the case belongs to his own family members. His patience and commitment to contune representing me even though it cost him his precious time as well as expenses was exceptional. My case was so complicated that inlcuded multiple applications, appeals, and court hearings, previous lawyers did not keep up with it. Evan did the impossible to help me in my ordeal over 3 years. Until now, he is helping me to guide me in the right direction to navigate the remainder of the adjustment of status. I highly recommend him for immigration cases, such as adjustment of status and asylum, and I will always cherish him as a great friend. If there was an entity that rewards attorneys for their performance, I am recommending Evan to be shortlisted among the best to receive such awards in professionalism, empathy, and performance. I wish you all the best Evan!
The Best Immigration Lawyer Ever!
Those are the skills and qualities I was looking for in a attorney and I found them all in Evan George, I hired Mr George to help me with my asylum/withholding of removal case. After consulting MANY Lawyers that couldn't give any good answers(for lack knowledge), He was able to help me and made feel confident about my case always been upfront and honest. I will continue to use his services in the future if needed as He has earn my trust and respect.
Professional, confident, honest and knowledgeable
Andy E
I hired Mr. George to aid in the petition of my wife on the basis of marriage (Form I-130). Our experience with immigration lawyers before hiring Mr. George was not favorable since my wife (fiancée at the time) had recently been scammed by one, which was the basis of her losing her legal status in the United States. I had no doubt in using Mr. George's services as he demonstrated great competency and professionalism from the very beginning. He worked very hard for us and went above and beyond his contractual obligations to make sure my wife and I were reunited, legally. The circumstances surrounding my life at the time I hired Mr. George for his services were the following: - I had a pending N-400 - Application for Naturalization - Although I filed this application on my own, not using Mr. George's services, he, in more than one occasion, helped me with questions, paperwork, and USCIS communication pertaining to this matter - very helpful. - I was a college student with a very limited budget - Mr. George’s fee was flat and negotiated up front (very reasonable for my case) and did not change even though my case extended significantly - very honorable and considerate. - My wife (fiancée at the time) was living abroad - Being away from my wife created much anxiety in me, which translated into pressuring Mr. George to act quicker when, most times, there was nothing for him to do to make things go quicker - he responded with utmost professionalism and demonstrated great sensitivity to our situation. - I took more than one internship while our case was on-going - Taking an internship position meant for me to temporarily relocate to a different city. Mr. George made communication very easy as he was always available either via email or phone to answer questions while I was away - I felt my case was high on his priorities since he always knew what was going on with it and never, while holding a phone conversation, did he have to refer to notes to remember details about my case. Our case became very complicated towards the end for reasons that Mr. George could not control. At that time, Mr. George was very assertive in referring me to our State's legislators as only they could expedite things for us the way no one else could - and so we did contact a Senator from our State. Mr. George was very cooperative in answering questions about how to ask Senators for help and also helped me answer questions the Senator's case worker had when I needed help answering them. In conclusion, our immigration case lasted for about two and a half years. All the while our case was on-going I can honestly report the following about Mr. George: - He was an honorable and honest immigration lawyer. - He was a person who put family unity as a priority - above all else. - He made communication with him very easy. - He hired very competent individuals to assist him, as many times I had to communicate through them when Mr. George was with a client or out on a case. - He did his research thoroughly before taking any action in my case. - He was extremely knowledgeable about immigration law. I would recommend Mr. George's services, as I already have, to anyone who is looking for representation on an immigration case. As anyone who has hired an immigration lawyer in the past will tell you, hiring an immigration lawyer is a significant investment because of the amount of work they do; make sure you hire someone who you trust will work hard for you - Mr. George was well worth my investment!
Honorable, honest, very knowledgeable!